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The winter approached and a chill settled into the air. The search for a new apartment had just ended for me, and I happened to find what I believed to be beautiful living accommodations with exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and classic wood-framed arched windows. I checked the apartment out several times and found few things objectionable. However, my infatuation wasn't to last. There was a lot of work to be done.

Within the first week, when I attempted to plug in a radio, I nearly electrocuted myself because the wiring was so old. It seemed that the roaches waited until most of my things were unpacked before they decided to introduce themselves. And once winter was in full swing, the windows became a focal point of concern. The large, classic wood-framed windows that let in so much glorious light also let in much of the dreaded cold weather, and it rarely seemed that the heat was on high enough to chase away the chill. These windows, among other things, were in desperate need of repair.

The challenge that presents itself in getting any work done on an apartment is dealing with the landlord(s). Because they own the property, they are largely responsible for the maintenance. So how does one overcome this challenge, especially if there's a need for a number of repairs?

Fortunately, in my situation, the electrical issues were taken care of immediately. And the roaches were kept at bay with several cans of Raid. However, getting the windows replaced was a different matter. From that experience, as well as information I have learned as a former employee at a window replacement company, I picked up a few tips that I would like to pass on to you, the readers:

In searching for new windows, it is important to start before the winter months. Most people wait until it's cold and forget that they can save money during the summer season as well by purchasing windows that prevent energy from seeping out. First, windows are cheaper during the off seasons and the sooner they are purchased, the sooner you start saving.

Before signing the lease on an apartment, inquire about the policy for replacement windows. You may be able to negotiate with the landlord if you have done your research and can present him or her with inexpensive alternatives that can not only save you money on your energy bill, but help them to increase the value of their property. Because most tenants only stay in one apartment for a year to three years, this is an incentive for them.

If you live in an apartment or a house with historical value, it can be more difficult to find windows that compliment the classical layout of your home. In some instances, replacing windows on a historical home can actually decrease its value significantly. One way to deal with this is to go to a specialized window replacement company. Many can provide you with new windows that save you money as well as maintain, or increase, the worth of your landmark home. However, the price for this can be fairly high. It is best to shop around for reasonable deals. If you live in an apartment, you can then present the landlord with several choices.

Always carefully consider the company you want to use to replace your windows. Whether the cost will be covered by your landlord or yourself, you never want to deal with a company that cannot give a long warranty on the windows, that tries to push you into extra services that you don't need, or is uncooperative. If there are any immediate problems with your windows, due to no fault of your own, the company should always be willing to replace them.

There are many types of replacement windows to choose from. In the next article, you can find out what you need to know about the types and styles for your home or apartment!

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