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Window Security

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Security is always an important feature for your home, especially protecting your family and belongings. Windows also come into play with home security. Starting with the basics, make sure your new windows will have locks and make sure the locking mechanism is easy for you to operate. The manufacturer should have a showroom or a demo for you to test the locks along with any other window features.

The strength of the glass is also another important security feature. As we all know, plane old glass breaks very easily. There doesn't seem to be a standard set of features to choose from for glass strength, so you will have to check with your manufacturer to see what they offer. The glass should at least be tempered, which will only make it a little tougher for a burglar to break in. The manufacturer most likely will offer something even stronger that they term in their own words, such as laminated, hurricane-resistant, storm-resistant, etc. Ask them if they have any durability tests to show break-in prevention. You want to force a burglar to make an awful lot of noise if they attempt to break into your house. Stronger glass will also help protect against other breakages from flying debris in a storm, golf balls, baseballs, rocks and whatever else may come whirling at your windows.

Most importantly to maintain the security, make sure you always keep your windows locked when they are not in use! Otherwise, everything mentioned above doesn't even apply.

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