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Window Panes

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Single Pane Windows
Of course single pane windows are going to be the cheapest window since there is less glass, but if these windows are going to be protecting any kind of climate controlled structure, then the answer is "No. These windows are not for you." Glass itself is not a good insulator, so you need two panes of glass to form the air space in the window to provide any kind of insulation.

Double Pane Windows
Double pane windows are by far the most common and practical window choice for insulating a home. As previously mentioned, these form the necessary air space to provide adequate insulation. Along with a combination of the energy efficiency options available, these are usually the ideal choice for a home.

Triple Pane Windows
Triple pane windows are not available in all areas, and also probably aren't quite as available as they used to be. With the advancement of some of the other window technologies, it is sometimes more cost-effective to get double pane windows with all the energy features as opposed to triple pane windows. However, in extreme climates, these windows can still prove to be beneficial although you will pay a premium and you may want to make sure the window openings of your home can accommodate these bulky windows.

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