Replacing Home Windows
Replacing home windows can be one of the most expensive home improvement projects for your house. At first, the idea seems simple enough, but there is actually quite a bit of information you need to know before picking up the phone and calling your favorite handy man. Whether you are replacing windows in your existing house, or having windows installed in your dream house that is under construction, this site will provide you with all the tips and details about which windows and features will be right for you and your home.

Where to Begin?
If you are like most homeowners, a window is a window, and you just want to replace them. As you consider embarking on such a large project, you may want to read through this article which discusses preliminary questions that you will want to consider. Obviously there is a lot more to a window then a piece of glass, and choosing the right window and combination of features can save you a fortune on your electric and gas bills. To get you started, we've assembled the "todo" list below. The list contains a series of tasks and questions you should familiarize yourself with before you even talk to your first conversation with a window manufacturer. Well, that's because these are the same questions they are going to ask you. Follow the links for more details about what the questions are asking.

  • Make a checklist of all the windows in your home.
  • Determine the window type for each window you will be replacing. There may be special considerations to keep in mind if you are dealing with historical homes.
  • Which construction material will be used for the window framing, such as aluminum or vinyl?
  • Decide how many panes of glass your new windows will have.
  • Choose which energy efficiency options you would like for your windows.
    • Will you be filling the air space with Argon Gas?
    • Are you going to have a Low E Coating applied to the glass?
    • How much Air Space Thickness do the windows have?
  • Will your new windows protect your family and belongings?
  • Are you getting a good warranty to protect your investment?